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DT-Trak Consulting

Pharmacist shall possess the knowledge, skills and ability to perform a full range of service in his/her specialty, including the most difficult cases. Services include but are not limited to the following:


Job Responsibilities include the following:

  • Will dispense approximately 300‐400 prescriptions per day. This will include new prescriptions and refills. The majority of the time will be spent counseling and dispensing prescriptions.
  • Working knowledge of general computer applications/software to include Microsoft Office programs, MS outlook (E‐Mail), Access, Excel, PowerPoint, and internet familiarity is required. Working knowledge of pharmacy computer systems, such as the IHS Electronic Health Record (EHR), Resource Patient Management System (RPMS), ScriptPro Central Workflow Management system and Omnicell.
  • Process prescription orders in the IHS Electronic Health Record (EHR), and check for completeness, appropriateness, dosing, drug-drug and food interactions, contraindications and warnings.
  • Ensure prescription directions for use, dose, medication interactions, therapeutic duplications or overlaps, allergy information, age specific dosage, and other pertinent data are appropriate for individual patients
  • Consults with providers regarding discrepancies found within/between Computerized Physician Order Entry System (CPOE), Electronic Health Record (EHR) and RPMS. Provides drug information to providers, nursing, family and other healthcare providers utilizing hardcopy, online and other drug reference materials as necessary and appropriate.
  • Shall assure that all medications prescribed are on the facility formulary.
  • Will assess renal function by calculating the patient’s height, weight, age, and serum creatinine and the creatinine clearance.
  • Shall provide instructions to all prescribing practitioners as to substitutions of medications as applicable and answer any medical questions pertaining to medications and patient care.
  • Deliver comprehensive pharmaceutical services within the personnel, supply, and equipment capabilities of the facility.
  • Counsel patients regarding safe and effective use of medications. Review patient profiles in electronic health records to closely monitor medication therapy to identify medication‐related problems and propose solutions.
  • Document accurately and clearly all actions and communication to patient and provider in the Pharmacy Electronic Health Record notes.
  • Inspects processed medications for integrity of dosage form, correct labeling, handling and storage instructions along with proper medication and quantity as labeled of each prescription before dispensing. Reports and documents medication errors and/or interventions per FDIHB Pharmacy policy.
  • Compound medications as required.
  • Ensure accuracy of all pharmaceutical products prepared or processed by technical staff.
  • Provide medication related information to clinical staff (i.e., appropriate use of medications; comparison of current medication therapies; and other topics as deemed appropriate by the Department head).
  • Provide clinical direction to pharmacy technicians.
  • Assist with inventory control of pharmaceuticals and supplies in the pharmacy, specifically
  • Scheduled Controlled pharmaceuticals and maintain pharmacy security.
  • Maintain appropriate records and security of all scheduled controlled substances according to applicable DEA, State regulations and local policy. This would include documenting scheduled medications per policy, reviewing and signing off on the count of controlled substances.
  • Consult with other specialty practitioners to provide optimal patient pharmaceutical care.
  • Participate in a quality improvement effort.
  • Maintain clean and safe work areas are according to applicable regulations and local policy.
  • Conduct Adverse Drug Reaction (ADR) and medication error reporting in accordance with local policy.
  • Participate in medication use evaluations as necessary.
  • Speak, understand, read, and write English fluently and communicate with sufficient clarity.
  • Have and maintain knowledge of and ability to apply medical privacy and confidentiality standards including the HIPAA, accreditation standards of CMS and FBIHB clinical practice guidelines.
  • Ensures compliance with standards of care and practice in accordance with all established policies, procedures, and guidelines.
  • Provides care within ethical and legal boundaries.
  • Serves and participates in committees, functions and other meetings as directed.
  • Provides relevant and timely information as needed and assists with decision making and process improvement.
  • Participates in customer service initiatives, and medical readiness activities designed to enhance health services.
  • Ensures a safe work environment, safe work habits and patient safety in accordance with regulatory agencies, infection control policies, and implemented process improvements.
  • Inspects bulk pre-packed medications before storage and performs monthly inspections of assigned drug storage areas.
  • Shall immediately advise the Chief of Pharmacy or his appointed representative of any problem(s) encountered or which may be encountered in connection with meeting the needs and concerns of patients.

Work Shift: Hours of work will be Monday through Friday, between 10:00am and 7:00pm.
The work shifts shall not exceed 40 hours per week. Work shifts will be eight (8) hour days, with a 60-minute lunch or 30-minute lunch and two 15 breaks.

Job Types:  Full-time, Temporary, Contract
Salary: Depending on Experience

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