we care

Why Us

We are passionate because we care about the people that we are working with. We see that there is a need due to financial shortages, staffing shortages and other key factors. The clients we serve become family and we want to do whatever we can to help them. Our goal and our success is in “helping people, help people.”

Healthcare & Ancillary

Highly Motivated, Skilled and Caring
  • 10 Years Federal Government Experience
  • Highly Specialized with A Wide Variety of Staffing Roles

Personal Protective

A Full-Range of Quality PPE
  • Highly Competitive Pricing with Best Prices Guaranteed
  • Quick and Efficient PPE Sourcing to All 50 States

Revenue Cycle Management

Maximized Revenue Recovery
  • Excellent ROI Proven increased collections from 16% – 75% per client
  • Reduce Operating Costs Certified, automated tools for aged, denials & eligibility
  • Improve Cash Flow Accounts Receivable Average 20 days
  • Experience 18+ years, and 11 million+ visits coding / claims approval
  • Increased Revenues $690M+ collected revenues to date
  • Return on Investment Up to 92% collection rate

Happy Clients

"DT-TRAK is a great partner! Their employees are extremely easy, competent, trusting and professional to work with! We recently had an issue that arose (due to our mistake) and by open communication, the management team was very understanding and forgiving of our error. We are grateful for the opportunity to build a future with DT-TRAK!"

Jillian N.

"I have worked with DT-Trak for 6 years and have only had great experiences. Their staff are all extremely friendly people who truly care about their clients.

Eric N.

"We have been a client of DT-Trak for over 5 years and we are always happy with their service and price. We would recommend them to anyone looking for RCM services."

Victor B.